Data says that in 21st Century, most of the individuals, working/business, house wives/students, tourist Or players, business houses/institution whatever you name, what involved in protecting themselves in their kin and kith, business process, their property and even their proprietary information not even for their immediate loss but also from anticipated/unanticipated future loss.

India being, second largest populated country in the world, scope of Insurance companies in protecting people, property and prospects is enormous.

SIS Consultancy and Investigation has not only partnered with Indian insurance companies but also assisted multinational insurance companies to support them in maintaining and progressing profitability by busting the false insurance claims through its penetrative insurance investigation through insurance death claim investigation.

The market trends prompted SIS Consultancy and Investigation to develop a dedicated service link for insurance fraud investigators and operatives and started adding up major valuable insurance segment clients. The counting continued through our dedicated performance percentage in terms of extracting hidden/negative data on false claims which enable respective client to negate it.

SIS Consultancy and Investigation has understood the requirement by treating each insurance project as independent case for the purpose of analysis of given data, assessment and development of road map and execution thereby establishing the percentage of negative claims.

Our past experience shows that while addressing following scope of work, even small piece of given data turn fruitful during field investigation.

We offer our services of insurance death claim investigation to your esteemed organization of insurance segment for converting your loss due to thefalse claim payment in profitability by getting SIS Consultancy and Investigation support on negative claims. We even support our clients with verification on data prior to the policy, and for avoiding indulgence of negative stakeholders as policy holders.

»   Insurance Death Claim Investigation
»   Address Checks
»   Identity and Personal Checks
»   Family Checks
»   Financial Checks
»   Medical summary Checks
»   Past and Last Illness Details Checks
»   Neighbourhood checks
»   Information collection on above aspects
»   Proof & Evidence gathering on above aspects


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