SIS Consultancy and Investigation supports a large existing clientele base of SIS Group through intelligence services.

Many of the clients look for raw information covering multiple facets on their establishment and utilizing the data with activities inside and around at their own. Else they ask us to step into for the same.

For varied requirement of client, right from extracting information on suspicious/dubious/negative nature for the business health of the individual client, SIS Consultancy and Investigation has delivered solutions for business/industrial intelligence through covert technique, wherever client so desired.

This solution provides a system to utilize the data gathered during intelligence operation. Discreet interrogation through different related available sources like employees, vendors, hired staff, visitors etc. Corroborations of the collected information from different resources about different aspects to zero the investigation. This even happens without causing inconvenience to existing procedure of a premise, its infrastructure and the manpower, when our team works, through covert method, for gathering such information, which enables concerned management to take proactive decisions in favor of company and also to avoid any anticipated loss”.

Contrary on the help received in all walks of life, through information technology, business intelligence is not supported for massive change. Information Technology has played a role of tool for polishing the intelligence inputs but it ever never allowed replacing human intelligence operatives who works with the five god gifted common sense and two adopted sense of intelligence fraternity.

The flexibility adopted by SIS Consultancy and Investigation in terms of scope of work is remarkable and completely based on individual clients' requirement, though modus operandi happens to be our own.

If you are doubtful about certain person, process, and product which may not only affect your organization financial but aesthetically also, please call/involve SIS Consultancy and Investigation for safeguarding you from any anticipated/unknown loss through business intelligence at your esteemed organization please.


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