SIS Consultancy and Investigation has a dedicated service line of background verification for their customers. Through its trained investigators, access ability towards valuable data and with a set procedure we help our client to extract data/information on their prospective/present/past employees, vendors, outsourced team, associates/partners. SIS Consultancy and Investigation does background verification for meeting critical requirements of clients on how to avoid associating with any person who has some negative record in past OR secondly for assessing the capability/productibility of individual concern for the profile under question.

With its own vast network across India and Australia as well as with its associates in US, UK and Singapore. SIS consultancy and investigations guarantee minimum turn around time, able to take up varied requirement in terms of scope of work related to background verification of different clients as well as open to customize reporting as per the taste and requirement of clients for their different category background checks.

SIS Consultancy and Investigation also feel honoured to support those clients who seem to start up background verification process in their organisation and associate us in their every nook and corner of the background verification process.

There are instances when SIS consultancy and investigation support their clients by developing complete procedure including “Trusted Employee Policy System (TEPS)” for their clients.

SIS Consultancy and Investigation is open to conduct single or complete range of checks, out of the following, on individual subject for meeting requirements of different client on background verification for the respective profile.
»   Residential Address Checks
»   Identity & Personal Checks
»   Academic Records Verification
»   Employment Verification
»   Social & General Conduct Checks
»   Family History / Background Checks
»   Professional Reference Check
»   Criminal background checks

Please give an appointment and allow us to understand you background checks requirement to assist your esteem organization.


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